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I'm Robin Devouge, a front-end developer based in Belgium who loves making things

I'm currently working at Hilarious since 2021 where I help create super duper cool brand activation campaigns.
Before that, I worked for 3 years at Emakina where I learned to tinker with a broad range of technologies.

I especially enjoy creating animations and interactions that bring life to a project.
And I love repairing and crafting real life things too!

  • Deutsche Bank

    Belgian public website 2019-2020

    Lead, integration, development & maintenance

    • Webpack
    • JS
    • Handlebars
    • Vue
  • Pairi Daiza

    Animal Adventures

    Integration & development

    • React
  • Clap and Act

    Fundraising campaign


    • Parcel

Old projects

Don't be afraid, you hereby enter the realm of spaghetti code and outdated libraries.
These are some of my earliest projects, but the skills involved can still be relevant to this day.
(Links to come)

  • Où est Billy ?

    This was my final project: a small serious game where players had to find a lost kid among a crowd, displayed on a big screen, by using their smartphones to locate him. It was designed to be part of a fictional Child-Focus-like organization campaign.

    • Node
    • Three.js
  • Relic

    What if the Internet was down forever by tomorrow ? What could remain of it ? The answer is Relic, a small interactive story made within 24h during the Web Basement.

    • Interactive storytelling
  • Centrallo

    Centrallo is a note taking app which onboarding experience was so bad that you'd want to uninstall it without even testing it. That's why the whole process was redesigned during a dedicated workshop (but never shared with the devs).

    • User onboarding