Robin Devouge

Front-end developer

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Some me

Hi! I'm a freshly graduated web developer from DWM with UX design skills. I love to play around with the code to make magic and experiences. Node.js,, Canvas & Three.js are my main playground and HTML5, CSS3 & Sass have no secrets for me. Oh and I'm dipping into ES6 of course.

I also love to be part of the design process, focusing on usability and always centering on users, making them live a story. I'm fond of animations, they tend to add the small touch that makes everything looking more alive.

I'm totally into new techs, that's why I'm learning Android development and getting my hands dirty with Arduino and VR experiences.

Some work

Some job?

I'm looking for a job where I could be involved in real projects to make good use of my skills and develop myself. So if you think you have a position for me

drop me a line or two, you won't regret it! Come on! You know you want it!

Not convinced yet? Take a tour of my universe and come back soon!